A love story

I love it when my Grandad tells me the story of how he met my Grandma and the way he talks about how amazing she was and what she meant to him! He met my Grandma in 1950, he was stood in his friend’s shop talking to his friend and all of a sudden saw … More A love story

My reason why

As I lay staring at my beautiful, intelligent and sometimes clumsy baby girl while she slept last night I wondered what I did so right to deserve an amazing little character like her in my life. She is the one who can put a smile on my face everyday even when I don’t feel there … More My reason why

Happy surprises!

When you come downstairs on valentines day and you get a lovely unexpected surprise on your dining table! Lovely suprises are just the best aren’t they? They make you feel so loved and special! There’s more to love than having feelings about somebody! If you truly love someone you can get through anything together, you … More Happy surprises!