Letters to my daughter as she goes into year five.

Today is the day my baby girl goes into year five

Kids can be so mean, especially girls! So here are my letters to my sweet Hayley-Jayne to help her out in this year to come.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what colour hair you have or if you have a Smiggle bag on your back or fancy shoes on your feet! What matters the most is that your kind and help out others who may need it, what matters the most is the person you are not what others want you to be!

School can be hard I know this! You’re such a bright person but you do tend to follow what ever your friends are doing or tell you to do which can often lead you astray and into trouble… I like to remind you the saying my Grandad has always taught me:

Always treat others as you wish to be treated. 

I love this saying and I feel like it can’t be said enough! You are a good girl, so clever and kind and loyal to your friends. 

I like to remind you how it feels to start at a new school and wish for you to be kind to those who are new and help them find new friends and make sure they have someone to play with at breaktime or sit with at dinner, I like to remind you that it makes you sad and hurt when people say or do mean things to you and so you shouldn’t say or do mean things to anybody either, I like to remind you that not everybody’s parents can afford to buy the latest bag or shoes and so it’s not nice to brag about what you have or tease about what they don’t have, I like to remind you what it feels like to have nobody to play with at breaktime and that it’s not nice wandering around the playground by yourself and so it would be nice that if you saw someone by themselves to try and include them in your game.

I would like to think that at the end of the day you would come and sit next to me and tell me all about your day, the things that made you sad, happy, laugh and cry and that you would trust me with your deepest secrets. 

You will always be my baby girl! you are growing into such an amazing, lovely young girl and I am so proud of you! ❤


Natalie xox

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