I’m taking the jump!

One of the most important things we have to do as parents is put them first throughout everything we do isn’t it?

I’ve worked in the same career now for 5,1/2 years and I’ve always been happy and progressed throughout different levels in this career, I met some lovely people and even managed to become Monday – Friday to suit my families needs, but these past few years I have become interested in becoming a primary school teacher but taken no steps towards that career.

It’s funny really because my Grandma used to be an English teacher and I used to wonder how she could find enjoyment from that but she did and now as I’ve grown older and become to realise what I want I understand and wish to follow her footsteps. She used to always correct my sister and I on how we spoke! Haha.

Anyway, back to my career situation!

I have sat on my wishes to be a teacher for the past few years as I have been concentrating on my families needs and life but I have gotten to a stage where I understand it is important to think about myself too and I have enrolled in an online course to learn more about what it envolves.

How many times have you put something off as it’s for yourself and not your children?

I know I have done it countless amount of times but that stops now! 😁

It is important for our children that we are happy and how can you fully be happy if you have regrets for not trying something you really wanted to?

Have you taken a jump to try something for you that you really wanted to do? Or did you not go through with it and regret it?

I’d love to hear from you!

Natalie xox

4 thoughts on “I’m taking the jump!

  1. At 70 yrs of age, and looking back I wish I hadn’t been so serious and gone with those impulses. In retirement I discovered I like to write. I taught first grade for about five years than went into sales and training than back to teaching at the college level. . . . just saying, you won’t regret it.
    PS If you have some college you might be able to substitute.


    1. I’m going to jump forward with everything I’ve got and give it my best shot! I have began to realise that regrets are worse than taking a leap of faith and trying something new no matter what the outcome may be. I only have my GCSE’s and adult numeracy and literacy in afraid no college.

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