A new school year.

So today my not so little baby girl started her new adventure into year four, yes that’s right year four! Can you believe that? I don’t know where this time is going she seems to be growing up way too quick!

I remember when she first started in reception with a grin on her face and her school uniform looking too big while she looked too small to be wearing a uniform, she used to cry everytime we dropped her off at school and even cling onto us right through until around year 2 and it used to make me feel so bad for leaving her, in fact she used to beg me “please mummy don’t leave me, I want to come with you!” how horrible is that to see/hear from you baby girl?! I had to stop myself from turning around and taking her home with me! I soon lost count of how many times I walked away crying as it upset me that much.

I worked every weekend at this stage and decided to go Monday – Friday so I could spend more time with her and improve her confidence and even having that time with her at a weekend seemed to improve how she was in a morning, it also helped that she got close to her reception teaching assistant and she happened to move up with Hayley and ended up as her main year 1 teacher and soon after she started looking forward to going to school.

Hayley also did a course at school to improve her confidence, how great is it that they do stuff like that? It helped so much and we noticed a big difference in her confidence, the only bad thing was as she got more confident at school she started talking in class and lacking concentration πŸ˜‚ but we found a happy medium in the end so it’s all good. 😁

I love seeing everyone’s photos of their children all ready for their first day in a new year, they all look so happy. 😊

Below are Hayleys photos from today 😁

She had such a great day and came home so giddy and so we treated her to a McDonald’s.

This was Hayleys hair doo for her first day in year four. 😁

I’d love to know how your children got on with their first day so let me know in the comment 😁

And doesn’t her bag look so pretty 😍

Natalie xox

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