Sibling jelousy in a blended family.

Do you’re children act out as they crave for your attention all for themselves?

So as most of you know I have one daughter and two step children, my step children visit every weekend Friday evening through to Sunday evening and whilst it’s beeb the summer holidays they have been doing one week with us and one week with their mum. They love coming here and never want to leave which is great isn’t it? That’s all we could wish for! But Hayley seems to be getting very jealous and they have all been arguing a lot this week which I believe is down to Hayley starting the arguments.

Yesturday after tea the kids went upstairs to tidy their room and get ready for bed when all of a sudden I could hear them arguing and shouting at each other, their Dad then went upstairs and sorted this out with them, after he’d left the house they decided to start arguing again and Hayley seemed at the bottom of it all so I decided to send my step children up to get ready for bed and get tucked in while I sat and had a chat with my daughter, she told me what I’d expected to be the problem anyway she said “I’ve had enough of them now and I want them to go home, they always stick up for each other and I don’t like it when they come” now obviously to hear this from your daughter about your step children is not nice! But I get it, she wants some time to have a break she’s not used to spending this much time with them and she’s a mummy’s girl, she loves having my attention for cuddles and chats and play games but since they’ve been here it’s not been the same, so I kept her up for a bit longer and spent a bit of quality time together, we had a bath, I brushed her hair, we played and had a good old chat with each other and she went to bed a happy calm princess again.

Have you got any tips on what to do in this situation? If love to know! 😁

As a parent and step parent all you want is for the kids to get on isn’t it? And they do for most of the time but sometimes it’s hard when they feel they need more one on one time, because my step children live together they do seem to stick for each other against Hayley and I get that that is upsetting for her its upsetting for their Dad and I to see aswell and we try our best to make them aware of what they are doing but it’s hard!

We try to make sure we spend time with them one on one as much as we can but sometimes it’s just impossible in our busy schedule to fit it all in especially when all three of them are here together.

Do you spend time with your children/stepchildren one on one? If so how do you fit it in your day to day schedule?

Natalie xox

4 thoughts on “Sibling jelousy in a blended family.

  1. You are such a great parent. I like your idea of giving Hayley one on one time to soothe her insecurities. I can understand her feelings as well so we can not hold her out for feeling that way.

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    1. Awh thank you 😁 She’s bound to feel like that bless her she’s used to having us to herself and a week is a long time isn’t it compared to the two days we usually have them, it makes her happier when we spend a bit of time with just her and us 😁 x


  2. I have one biological daughter and 3 stepdaughters. The fighting was force at first and my daughter wanted them to go away and she just wanted me. Because biomom is deceased I had the added pressure of being everyone’s mom and treating them and loving them the same and not giving any special attention to my bio daughter. It can be tough!
    They are kids and will argue, when they are gone give her a few extra squeezes❤️

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    1. It is tough isn’t it? I try to give her one on one attention when I can and that seems to help her but she gets so worked up when they’re here and starts arguments with them all the time! Has your daughter got used to the situation now? I’m wondering if my daughter will get used to it as this is the first year we’ve been allowed them this much so it’s a bit new to her for them to be here this much x


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