My favourite 4 pretty hairstyles I’ve done lately.

I love playing with the girls hair and trying new pretty styles but Hayley hasn’t let me in a while, one of her friends had a pretty hairstyle in last week and Hayley said she liked it so I pointed out that she never let’s me try nice hairstyles anymore and she said she would start letting me again, yay I thought to myself as I love playing hairdresser with her beautiful golden locks!

Here are 4 styles I’ve done lately that I just love!

Number one:

This one is adorable isn’t it? It’s three bows with a braid down the middle, I didn’t think this would stay in for long but surprisingly it stayed in all day. šŸ˜ This is a great hairstyle to keep their hair out of their face and off their neck in this warm weather!

Number two:

This a very simple and pretty hairstyle that is so easy to do! It keeps their hair off of their face and again stays in all day long.

Number three:

This again is so simple and easy it’s just four braids that blend into two and it keeps their hair off of their face and looks so pretty doesn’t it?

Number four:

This one I did in my step daughters hair, its a bow with half of her hair and the rest down, this one’s a bit trickier but once you get the hang of doing the bows it gets easier and quicker to do.

Aren’t they lovely?

Which is your favourite hairstyle? I’d love to know!! Mine is the 3 bows up doo.

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Natalie xox

4 thoughts on “My favourite 4 pretty hairstyles I’ve done lately.

  1. Like all of them
    The last one is very elegant, for a birthday party or something šŸ™‚ I am sure the first one is pretty hard to do! I cannot wait until my baby girl has some hair to play with. For now I am hoping she has some more hair than she has now šŸ˜

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      1. Oh good, there is hope for my almost bold Emilka šŸ˜‚šŸ˜ She has very few hair, they are super light and thin but I am hoping as she grows she will have more hair like me šŸ™‚ but I was born with lots of hair šŸ™‚

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