Would your child know what to do??

Us parents like to think our children are aware of the dangers of talking to strangers don’t we? And most children do as at some point we sit down and explain to them not to speak to strangers as we don’t know who they are or what kind of person they are, also I believe that nursery’s and schools advise kids of the dangers of talking to strangers, well at least my daughters school did anyway.

But do we advise them of how to act if a stranger tries to take them? Well about a year ago I asked Hayley a question I’d never thought to ask her before “would you scream, kick, hit and bite a stranger if they tried to kidnap you?” and do you know what her reply was? “No!” and when I asked her why she said because she knew all of this was naughty and we tell her not to do it! So I obviously had a chat with her and explained that if a stranger tried to kidnap her it was OK to do all of this to try and get away from them, but this scared me as I’d never thought to ask this question before and she’s right isn’t she?! Us parents teach our children that acting in that manner (hitting, screaming, kicking and biting) is wrong don’t we? But we never think to tell them that there is an exception for this do we? And it was just by chance that this question came into my head and thank god for that because now she knows she can behave like that in this circumstance.

Have you asked your child/ren what they would do??

Ask them the same question I asked Hayley and I’d love to know what their answer was!

Natalie xox

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