A day in the life of Hayley-Jayne

So I thought I’d let you in on a day in the life of my precious princess Hayley-Jayne, It will be a school day that we go through and I’d love to know if you have a similar day or how different your day is to mine. ā˜ŗ

She starts off by waking up early, yes that’s right she’s an early bird! Most of the time it’s around 6:00/7:00 but she has been known to wake up at 5:00 AM and start playing with her toys! Yer I know she’s crazy! But they do say the early bird catchs the worm don’t they?!

Most of the time she starts her day off by watching her television that’s in her bedroom, because most of her toys are in our toy cupboard downstairs you see, except for her big box of shopkins but she seems to have forgotten about them like kids do, you know they get bored of something after it’s been played with a bit don’t they?

She then has breakfast around 7:30, she prefers cereal for breakfast and we always have a few different types as she seems to change which one she likes every day! She has been funny with eating her meals lately so I will have to tell her about ten times to keep eating as she hasn’t had enough and she will then moan (after about two mouth fulls) that she’s full and can’t eat anymore, we will then go round in circles until I give in and tell her to get ready.

So its now roughly around 8:00 and she’s upstairs getting ready, she knows what to do so this should be quick and simple yes? No! Think again! She has a checklist for morning time so she can look at this and she knows what needs to be done (even though she does it every day and should know by now) but I still have to remind her about ten times for each thing that needs to be done!

We leave the house around 8:30ish so that I can be dropped off at work first and then Hayley is dropped off at school at 8:45, she has lots of friends at school which makes us so happy as parents as you want for your kids when they start school is for them to try their best and make friends isn’t it?

Depending on how much work her Daddy has on depends what time she gets picked up after school, he’s self employed you see so if he can he will pick her up at 3:30 when she finished school and they will go home and she plays out with her friends or they play in our garden, but if he has a lot of work on she will go to after school club that finishes at 5:00 and then her grandad will have her for half hour until I finish work at 5:30.

Once we are all home it’s usually around 6:30 when we have our tea.

Once tea is out of the way Hayley will have a bath probably around 7:30 and then she will tidy her bedroom and have cuddles ready for bed at around 8:00pm. Hayley will then decide she’s hungry, needs the toilet, thirsty, forgot to do something or think of any good excuse she can to be out of bed! Are your children the same?

What time do your children go to bed?

Natalie xox

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