Family bonding time.

So yesturday my sister, her two kids, my partner, Hayley and I all decided to go ice skating together, now the last time we took Hayley she was about 4 years old and was too scared she didn’t stay on the ice long before she’d had enough and her Daddy and I actually met at ice skating when we were in our teens.

Hayley struggled at first to get her balance but once she’d got it she didn’t half try and try her best at that!

Hayley decided that holding my hand and skating around with me was better for her and it was so much fun us two skating around and watching her enjoy it so much.

My sisters youngest decided she wanted to get off the ice so my sister had been sat out for about fifteen minutes and I went over and asked if she wanted to swop and ill sit out for a bit, so we did and she went off to skate with Hayley as Hayley needed the support of holding someone’s hand. Five minutes later Hayley came off the ice at the same time my partner decided to take my sisters youngest outside to the car, “can you come back on and skate with me please?” so back on the ice I went, when we’d caught up with my sister on the ice she said to Hayley “I thought you’d had enough and wanted to get off now” well apparently Hayley just wanted her Mummy to come and hold her hand to skate so she’d told her auntie she’d had enough! I thought this was cute she’d had as much fun as I had holding her hand skating round without a care in the world! ☺

She’d had so much fun she’s asked to go ice skating more often. Have your children tried ice skating?

Natalie xox


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