My list of 10 things I want to do in the next 10 years.

I’m one of those people who have a lot of things they want to get done but when it comes to actually achieving them that’s another story, but I have ten things that I’d love to achieve in the next ten years and I feel like they are achievable for me, so fingers crossed I will be able to cross them off my list within the next ten years.

What are your ambitions for the next ten years?

Here is a list of ten things I’d like to achieve in the next ten years in no particular order.

  1. Go to Disneyland Florida – I’ve always wanted to go here and I feel like the kids are at that age where they would appreciate going and would remember all the fun they’d have.
  2. Have another baby – The kids are old enough now and have had enough of our time to themselves that I feel we are ready to bring another child into our family.
  3. Buy my own home – This has always been my dream ever since I was a little girl.
  4. Learn to speak Spanish – I used to speak Spanish very well as I used to live in Spain but I guess over the years because I haven’t needed to speak it I’ve forgotten a lot of it.
  5. Get married – Hopefully this will happen as we both want to get married but I’ll leave the asking upto him!
  6. Learn to drive – I’m not in a rush to do this one but I would love to learn to drive, it would be so mucg easier but at the minute I’ll leave it upto my partner to ‘taxi’ us around.
  7. Visit where I used to live in Spain – I lived in Spain for about a year and I loved it so much I have the best memories from here (aswell as some of the worst) but I’d love to go back or even end up moving there! You never know.
  8. Start my own business – I’ve been dreaming about starting my own business in children’s clothes for a while and I love to try it but we will see.
  9. Be better organised with money – I like to think I’m really good with money but in reality I’m not that great! I’d like to save more.
  10. Be more laid back – I over think too much! Like waaaay too much!! Sometimes I wish my brain would just chill out for a bit.

I’d like to think I would achieve all of these in the next ten years but only time will tell! In ten years I will come back to this and see if I can tick them all off. 😁

Natalie xox


4 thoughts on “My list of 10 things I want to do in the next 10 years.

  1. DisneyWorld is amazing! It really is the most magical place on earth. If you ever need any tips or advice on booking, planning etc let me know. We have just booked our 12th trip, so I feel like we can probably offer some good advice 🙂

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