An overdue date with my daughter!

So today the little apple of my eye and I are having a mother and daughter day, and let me just say it is well overdue!

I love my blended family and I love it when we are altogether and have a house full, but sometimes I think it gets a bit too much for my princess, she gets jealous easily because she sees me as her Mummy and not theirs and when they are here they get a lot of mine and her Daddy’s attention, don’t get me wrong she needs to get used to this and I kind of thought she would of been by now, but no, she’s not. But when I think that she just wants her Mummy all to herself some of the time well that’s fair isn’t it? She deserves a mother and daughter day doesn’t she? And so do I! Sometimes I feel bad for this, especially when I tell her Daddy that she’s asked for a day with just her and I, but I think she needs that, we both do!

She’s the apple of my eye.

We have decided that on our mother and daughter day we will be going to see the new ‘mamma mia’ film! We absolutely loved the first one and if you know me you know I never watch the same film more than once, but ‘mamma mia’ I have about 20 times already and I never get bored of it and Hayley is the same, she loves it and she loves singing along to all the ABBA songs, so I’m sure we will have a great time today.

She is my sunshine on a rainy day.

We booked the tickets a few days ago while my step daughter was here and she got upset and said she wanted to come, but she went home on Saturday just gone, I felt so bad! But I tried to make her understand that Hayley needs some time with just me and her, just like she needs time with her Mummy. It’s just a bit confusing for children in a blended family to understand everything at a young age isn’t it?

She is the highlight of my life.

Do you set aside time to spend with each of your children/step children? It’s hard isn’t it.

Have you seen the new ‘mamma mia’ film? If love to know what you thought, I’ve been told to take a packet of tissues with me!

Natalie xox


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