Being a Mummy is amazing!

The feeling I get when Hayley comes and cuddles me and when she says things like “your the best Mummy in the world” or the fact that she still calls me Mummy instead of Mum makes me feel so happy.

Being a Mummy is just the best feeling isn’t it?!

Watching your child grow in confidence,

Learn to crawl, sit and walk,

When they first say Mummy and Daddy,

When they cry to have your attention,

When you tuck them into bed and read them a bedtime story,

When you check on them in the night to make sure they’re still breathing,

When you give in and let them sleep in your bed because you’d quite like the cuddles,

When they learn their abc and they’re so proud of themselves,

When they first learn to swim and want to show you over and over again,

When they ask you for a hug or kiss instead of the other way around,

When they say ‘I love you’,

When they hold your hand,

All of this is what makes it amazing to be a Mummy!

She is my light on a dark day. 💮💗

Tomorrow we are going to have a Mummy and Daughter day, we are going to the cinemas to watch the new Mamma Mia film and we are so exited and Hayley is so happy at the thought of having a day with just the two of us bonding. 🎟️

She is the treasure of my heart.


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