Paying the bills every month.

Have you ever worked out how much your bills are for the month and estimated how much money you will have left over and then it turns out you missed a bill of and end up with less spare than you thought? Yep me too!

I like to think I’m really good at keeping up with what bills I’m paying and when they will be payed when in reality I’m not that great at it! I pay all my bills by direct debit which is great because they just go straight out without me having the hassle of paying them individually on the dates they’re due, but when it comes to adding up how much my bills are each month and working out how much money I have left over I’m a bit rubbish! You see I always end up missing something off my list and end up with less money spare than what I thought, well that was until I found this amazing app!

This app I found let’s you sign into each of your accounts, for example you can sign into your energy supplier account, your phone contract account, broadband and if you haven’t got an account for one of your bills you can just add it on manually.

What I think is great about this app is that it loads your up to date bill for each month so you know what your bill is without checking with your supplier and it gives you the total amount due that month.

Another great thing about this app is that it tells you how much you could save by swoping supplier and it shows you the deals that could you save with.

This app has been a life saver for me!

The app is called Wonderbill.

Do you know any other great apps that helps make everyday life that little bit easier? I’d love to know. 😁

Natalie xox


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