A lovely 5 days off now back to work I go.

So this week I had an amazing five days off work but now its back to work I go tomorrow morning, boohoo! But luckily I do get a week off in August aswell so plenty of fun days left to go until their back at school!!

On the Wednesday it was my Grandads 92nd birthday so we went out for dinner to a lovely fish and chip resound we had a lovely dinner while sat with family, my sister had organised the waiter to bring a cake out as a suprise and we all sand ‘happy birthday’ to him and he was so happy sat there with his family by his side!

This is my Grandad and I out for his birthday dinner and you can just about see the yummy chocolate cake in the corner, well all that was left of it anyway πŸ˜‚.



The girls and I have spent a lot of time at the park whilst I’ve been off, now you can’t beat the simple enjoyment of playing on the park and we even took two of their friends one time aswell and it was so adorable sitting back and watching them play together, Hayley even tried to show in front of a boy she liked and ended up grazing her knee, oh how she’s growing up too quick!!

It’s been so hot this week and there’s been a few times the girls have got too hot but wanted to play out in the garden with their sylvanian family sets, so their Dad set up a shelter and some mats down so they could play outside without the sun shining down on them, they loved this! They played there for such a long time I had to basically drag them in to eat and have a drink!

We have been swimming a few times this week, my new thing is making a habit of going swimming every Sunday morning as I love it and so do the girls they’ve become much more confident since we started this, luckily with it being the holidays and us having a leisure centre near us that’s cheap enough we’ve managed to go a few times and we’ve had so much fun swimming!

We have had a film day which we enjoyed watching a few films and lounging about on the sofa, it didn’t last all day though as the girls got bored and restless πŸ˜‚.

We have also had arguments, tears, screaming, jelousy, naughtiness and upsets but overall it’s been great!

We made a sundae ice-cream which was just what we needed on a warm summers day. 😁

We had a water fight that was so much fun! Daddy and I managed to gang up on the kids and chuck about 20 balloons at them. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Natalie xox


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