Childcare in the holidays

If you’re like my partner and I and work full time you will know how expensive it is for childcare and how much hassle it is to find somewhere for the kids in the holidays!

From holiday clubs child minders and family and friends it’s such a hassle sorting childcare out, luckily we only need help in the holidays really as Hayleys at school Monday to Friday and I only work Monday to Friday and her grandad can pick her up from after school club to watch her for half an hour.

But in the holidays we never know what to do, I mean we have family who can watch her but it’s not fair to rely on them all the time as they have their own little family’s too, luckily my partner is self employed so he can choose his work hours but we still have to sort childcare so he can work enough to provide for us.

Along with a livable wage, many parents are desperate for quality and affordable childcare. – Kirsten Gillibrand

Luckily yesturday I recieved a message out of the blue which came just at the right time, Hayley used to go to a nursery before she started school where she did a few hours a week and then when I started working she continued to go after school as I went to work by then, she has this lovely nursery teacher who had a child the same age in the same nursery and Hayley became very fond of this girl, she was only at that nursery for about 2 years and once she’d left we kept in touch with the nursery teacher and Hayley and her daughter became besties. We haven’t seen them for about 2 years now but she messaged me and asked if we could have a play date dith the girls and when I suggested a weekend as I’d be working through the week she asked if I’d got childcare sorted and that she was happy to have Hayley of I needed help, this was so nice of her and Hayley was so exited to hear that she’d messaged me and hopefully this can be a big help for us and she’s such a lovely lady and her daughter is so lovely and gets on so well with Hayley, they have that kind of friendship where it doesn’t matter how long they don’t see each other for because when they reunite its like they’ve never been away from one another. ☺

Do you have friends or family that you rely on for childcare? Or do you have to pay loads for childcare?

Natalie xox

6 thoughts on “Childcare in the holidays

      1. I was at one point so I’m lucky enough to only work 3 days a week now, that still leaves me with a £100 bill every month though. But that said I’ll be sad when she is too old for childcare.

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  1. In Sweden the child care is tax funded so we don’t pay much. The amount we pay is also income based. Usually they start daycare between 1-2 Since we have a great parent leave. We get 480 days with 80% of our salary.

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