Keeping up with the task of ‘house work’

Isn’t house work a big task? I mean from washing the pots, washing clothes, making beds, hoovering, mopping, dusting, cleaning sofas, putting the rubbish out, cleaning the bathroom, tidying toys away and if you live with a man cleaning the toilet seat about 5 times a day!

Oh my when I put it like that it seems a lot!

Have you guys got any tips to how you keep on top with it?

I like to wash the pots as soon as we’ve eaten our meals as they always wash easier and I get the kids to wash their own breakfast pots.

I like to put some clothes in the washer the night before on a timed wash so they finish just before I wake up in the morning and I can put them out on the line (obviously only if it’s not raining and warm).

The real cleaning starts once the kids are in bed….. Oh lucky me time to myself and its used for cleaning 😂 the joys of motherhood. So I use this time to hoover, mop, dust, put clothes away, put the rubbish out and tidy all the toys that are dotted about the house away.

But don’t get me wrong I do sometimes have my lazy days where I just can’t be bothered to clean and I slack a bit or a lot!

Working full time and trying to keep on top of the cleaning is hard work! But I find having a routine for this helps.

Housework is something that nobody notices until you don’t do it.

Talking of clean houses isn’t zoflora the best thing since sliced bread?! My favourite is the bouquet one it smells amazing! Which one is your favorite? Or have you found something different that is better?

A real man helps around the house. Cleans, washes dishes, helps with the kids and cooks.

I love this saying it’s so true isn’t it? Why should women do all the house work and look after the kids? My partner is amazing he cooks every night (mostly because he is a chef by trade so won’t let me near the kitchen), he does his half of the cleaning and helps out just as much as me with the kids.

Does your partner help around the house? Does he cook or wash the dishes?

Natalie xox

10 thoughts on “Keeping up with the task of ‘house work’

  1. Amen! I’ve had friends swear by their cleaning crews, but I haven’t found room in our budget for that. I also attempted to follow a routine I found on Pinterest about tackling a different room each night so you have weekends to do, you know, family time. Ha! My house is usually a mess and I makenthe excuse that we’re just busy making memories instead. 😝

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  2. Housework is so long!! Cleaning bathrooms is the worst and don’t even get me started on dusting! Since when did we have so, many, surfaces in one house! 😄 My husband is great too and does help sometimes but I do the majority of it, mostly because I know how I like it 😄

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  3. I have clean clothes stacked up from three days ago that I haven’t put up yet, it is hard when you’re doing it alone and is A LOT easier when dad helps….well when he keeps he kids busy for a bit so that mommy can get things done lol

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    1. Yes it is hard my partner thinks it’s a ‘clothes fairy’ that puts all the clothes away! It’s a nightmare but I have started getting the children to put their own clothes away as that’s a help and they are old enough to learn about house work ☺

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      1. I can’t wait till my children get to the age that they can put their own things away and help around the house. Until then I’ll show them as much as I can.

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