A love story

I love it when my Grandad tells me the story of how he met my Grandma and the way he talks about how amazing she was and what she meant to him!

He met my Grandma in 1950, he was stood in his friend’s shop talking to his friend and all of a sudden saw this girl that he’d never seen before walk past and he just knew! He knew there was something special about her and so he stopped his conversation with his friend straight away and off he went after her to talk to her (bearing in mind he wasn’t the most confident person back then and he’d never approached a girl like that before).

My grandma went on a holiday to the seaside with her parents not long after they met and my Grandad drove down on his motorbike to visit her and that’s when the above photograph was taken. ♥

They then went on to buy their first house together, have two children, four grandchildren, five great grandchildren and counting, lovely holidays together and so so many amazing memories for all the family.

I wish that when my daughter is older I have a fairytale story like this to tell her about her father and I.

Have you got a lovely story to tell about how you and your partner got together or even your parents? I’d love to hear it. 😁

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