Five facts you don’t know about me.

I have written about my life in my blog and so you know quite a bit already but here are five facts you don’t know about me.

  1. I am an over thinker/worrier. I over think every single thing I do especially when it’s a big devision I have to make and to say I’m a worrier is an understatement! I worry about every little thing, even things that will probably never happen and its the way I’ve always been since I can remember.
  2. I never wanted children. I don’t talk about this often as obviously I have a daughter and I am planning for the next child but growing up I hated younger children and I was adamant I would never have children but here I am today with an amazing daughter I love to pieces!
  3. Every little girl dreams of their wedding day don’t they? Well I didn’t my dream was to one day own my own home. I’ve never dreamt of my wedding day which I guess is quite sad really as every girl does don’t they? Mine was to own my own home one day and that’s stoll my dream to this day! The reason behind this is because my dad passed when I was 2 and without him to walk me down the isle and have my first daddy/daughter dance with it will probably just be a sad day dwelling on what I never had growing up.
  4. I am so self conscious! I know I’m far from fat but I have put on so much weight lately and gone up a clothes size or two clothes sizes depending on what I’m buying and where from and my face is a lot rounder than it used to be and I feel so self conscious about all these changes! I used to wear skinny jeans and tight tops but now I couldn’t get away with that!
  5. I’m scared of heights/hate roller-coasters. I am so scared of heights! I hate driving over bridges with water underneath and I hate feeling high (even standing on ladders) I hate feeling dizzy and the feeling of being on a roller-coaster makes me feel sick!

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