The meaning behind your child’s name.

How did you choose your child’s name? What made you pick it? Was it your favorite famous persons name? A name you’ve always liked? Or is their a meaning behind their name?

Heres our story about how we gave Hayley-Jayne her name. Her dad used to love Eminem and listen to his songs all the time and some of his songs mention his daughter and are about his daughter who’s name is Hailie Jade, well he used to always have these songs playing over and over again and when we found out we were having a girl we both chose Hayley-Jayne straight away and I think it’s because we listened to those songs that much his daughters name was stuck in our head and I know Hailie Jade and Hayley-Jayne are different but for some reason that’s the name we both had in our heads, it’s funny actually because Hayley-Jayne has been brought up listening to Eminem songs and her favorite that she sings so loud and proudly is ‘my dad’s gone crazy’ she calls it her song!

Has your child got a double barrelled name? I’d love to know if you call them by their full name or just the first name as we always call our daughter Hayley it’s very rare we actually call her Hayley-Jayne, we have had a lot of knicknames for her aswell mainly just when she was little, I used to call her Hailz, Bailz, HJ and I’m sure there was some more.

Why knicknames have you given your children?

My knickname when I was a teenager was Tilly and there was a time when everybody used to call me by this knicknames, even my grandparents and still to this day one of my brothers and his girlfriend still call me by Tilly instead of Natalie.

6 thoughts on “The meaning behind your child’s name.

  1. Naming my boys was hard for me since I was a teacher and I believe names mean a lot. Blake’s name came from searching baby name books. Colby’s name came from Colby Donaldson. I always liked his personality and laid back style and it fits my Colby too. Blake was called B for a while. Colby has been Dude for the last 3 or 4 years. Part of the reason I picked the names I did was they were not traditional names, but still strong male names that didn’t have a given nickname

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    1. They are lovely names! Choosing a name is a hard and important task isn’t it? Because it might be one choice for us but that choice lives with that child for the rest of their life and I believe a name means a lot too.


  2. I got Tiana from a name book as it’s means princess which I loved and her middle name is Jaiden which I really liked for a boy but changed it for the girls spelling once I found out she was a girl. She gets called T by everyone now, or my sister calls her Tijj and my nan Tiddly ๐Ÿ˜„

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