Playing out in the street and a sleepover with new friends.

Some of you will have seen my blog post asking you guys what age you give your children more responsibility, which was about giving children the responsibility of playing out on the street without their parents, I wrote this of post as I’ve recently moved house, I used to live on a main road and now I live in a cul-de-sac where all the children play out together without their parents so obviously my daughter and two step children want to do the same.

It was a hard decision for their dad and I to let them play out but we decided in the end that they were ready for a bit more responsibility and so what we do is make sure they are wearing their watch and give them a time they have to be in, usually we only give them half an hour so they can come back and check in and have a drink then they can go back out again and they have proved they can obey by this so that is great!

They mostly go around the path and play at this one girls house who seems to always have the children round theirs playing in the garden, well yesturday they asked if they could sleep at her house as her mum had invited them round, well we were in two minds to let them as we’d only been here two weeks and don’t really know anyone but their mum came round to see us and introduced herself a d reassured us that there is about five other girls sleeping and that they will be outside their back garden in a big tent, she seemed really nice and the girls were so exited at the thought of their first sleepover with their new friends so we agreed they could go.

It is now nearly 11:00am the next day and I find myself sat outside with the hot sun beeming down on me anxiously awaiting the return of the girls, it is so quiet on the street so I can only assume they are in the house avoiding the sun, I am trying so hard to stop myself from going round to check up on them as they will be fine having fun with their friends meanwhile I’m sat here in a mess wondering what they are doing and what they had for breakfast. Oh the joys of parenting ey? It’s like a constant worry for your children all the time isn’t it?

Check out my new instagram for an update when the girls return home. 😁

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