Life without facebook

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Check your phone? Scroll through Facebook?

Well I used to scroll through Facebook every morning, on my breaks at work and on an evening once Hayley was in bed, but I went through a stage of feeling depressed, anxious and very down and I separated myself from everyone which meant I deleted Facebook all together and then I realised it, I was so much happier not scrolling through Facebook and depressing myself with other people’s lives and how happy they were and what they had, I don’t care about how much money I have compared to anyone else anymore or what holidays other people go on that I don’t.

It has been about 2 months now without me scrolling through Facebook and I feel so much happier without it!

How long could you go without scrolling through Facebook???


13 thoughts on “Life without facebook

  1. Everytime I have deleted Facebook I have gone back to it a couple months later, promising myself I’d only go on it occasionally on the laptop but I’d soon be looking at it on my phone. I want to get rid of it for good though because it just depresses the hell out of me too!

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    1. I kept deleting it then going back to it aswell but it must be more than a month now that I haven’t scrolled through it and it’s crazy how much better I feel for it! It’s just a depressing thing to look through isn’t it.


      1. Definitely. I can’t seem to put my finger on why it makes me so miserable but it does and I’d like to not do it anymore. Now I think my only reason for not deactivating is all the pictures on there of my baby… Which are all backed up of course. 😅

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      2. Ahh yes I made sure I had all the pictures backed up first, I haven’t brought myself round to deactivating Facebook yet though as some people contact me mostly through messenger so I’ve still got the messenger app but I’ve deleted Facebook app and signed out of my Internet browser ☺ I think it’s just depressing seeing other peoples lives all the time, well all the good parts and jelousy is a big part of it I think.


      3. True. I don’t want people feeling like I’m ignoring them or people getting confused thinking I’ve blocked them. Great post by the way, I’m definitely inspired!

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