Isn’t sister love adorable!

Growing up with a sister I know how great it can be and watching these two play together, share clothes and just enjoy each others company makes me so happy!! They’re only half sisters and only see each other at the weekend and during the holidays but that doesn’t matter to them! Hayley sits by the window watching out for her siblings coming and as soon as they’re in the house the two girls are playing together.

They’re like best friends, they share clothes, toys and even like the odd cuddle I’m bed together which is so cute and isn’t it great when siblings get along so well!

Do your children get along with each other?

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a perfect relationship they get jealous of each other but I think it’s mostly because hayleys used to getting both parents to herself through the week then suddenly she has to share and think it’s the same the other way too, my step children don’t get as much time as Hayley so they get jealous.

I can just see them being the best of friends when they grow up. 😁

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