A lovely Sunday and a tasty salad.

This week’s weather in England has been amazing, its been so warm and sunny and sometimes with a nice little breeze so we have been making the most of it in the garden have you?

Today was a lovely day we started it by taking the children swimming at about 10 this morning as that’s the best time to go on a Sunday, it’s lovely and quiet and therefore more room for us to swim! We went with my partner and his dad, my daughter, my two step children and their cousin and they had so much fun swimming around, we took their floats as they’re not the most confident in water hut most of the time I was left holding them while they went off on their own swimming about with no worries which was great to watch. I even got a few lengths in and by the end I was exhausted and ready to go.

When we got home my partners dad said he’d take the children to his for lunch and to play so off they went until they’d return at 4:00. My partner and I thought we’d make the most of our time while the kids weren’t here, we only have a three seater van so find it hard getting about at the minute when my step children are here, so my partner dropped me off at my sisters who then drove her partner, two children and I to our grandads to visit him for a bit meanwhile my partner went on to do maintenance on a garden (he’s a gardener by trade).

It has been a lovely day swimming, watching the children have fun and visiting my family and we’ve even decided to go swimming on a Sunday every fortnight, maybe even weekly if we can as it was really good and set us up for a lovely day.

Swimming today reminded me off my childhood, my grandad, grandma, sister and I used to go swimming every week on a Sunday morning, just like we did today.

To finish off my lovely Sunday I had a tasty salad with rice and salad doesn’t usually fill me but with the rice added it was the perfect touch! What did you have today was it a roast dinner?

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