A new house and an amazing cupboard!

I haven’t blogged very much this past week as its been one heck of a week with us moving house, isn’t moving exhausting!!

To make it more complicated we downsized from a three bed with a living room and a dining room to a two bed with just a living room, but we have a lot of storage cupboards which are great and very useful and one of them I am very grateful for, because we only have two bedrooms it means my daughter and two step children have to share a bedroom and so there isn’t much room for there toys, so we made one of the cupboards into a toy cupboard and they think it’s amazing and so do I!! [see picture below]

This way hopefully their bedroom will always be tidy as they have to put back what they’ve been playing with to get something else out and because the cupboard is downstairs we can keep an eye on this. 🙂

Have you got a toy cupboard or are your children’s toys just in their bedroom?


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