A lovely walk and an ignorant question

Hayley and I had a nice slow walk down to school nice and early so we could enjoy the beautiful sunshine shining down on us, I love the walk there if we go down the track you get to walk peacefully with just the birds tweeting and hairs running across the path. We got there with plenty of time for her to play with her friends before the classroom door opened so off she went to play tig with one of them.

When it was time the classroom door opened and out cane her teacher, I gave Hayley a cuddle and a kiss and told her I loved her, the teacher got my attention and asked if she could have a word with me, I noticed she was holding hayleys inhaler of which she keeps at school incase she needs it and some paperwork in her hand.

“Will Hayley be needing her inhaler kept here in the new school year as she’s not asked or needed it at all this year?” well this question startled me! “yes as she’s still asthmatic and at some point she might need it” I replied, “oh then she will need a new as this one is out of date!”

This whole conversation was concerning to me! They are meant to keep a check in medicine they keep for children to make sure that it’s in date and before it expires let parents know to bring some more in and also what would they do if I said no she doesn’t need it there but one day she had an asthma attack? Just because she’s not needed it this year does not mean she won’t need it at some point in the near future!!

Has anybody else had this kind of ignorance at their child’s school??


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