Isn’t it a scary thought for any parent?!

As I sit here relaxing in the warm sun with a lovely breeze passing by, I watch my daughter playing on the park with a boy, a boy from her school, he seems nice and they are having so much fun running around after each other, laughing and sharing her scooter….

It made me realise that it won’t be long until Hayley-Jayne is coming home from school upset because a boy didn’t like her back or because she’s broken up with her ‘boyfriend’ yes that’s right I said boyfriend! Now isn’t that a scary thought for any parent, but she’s nearly 9 years old so she’s getting to that age when they start showing off for boys and talk about having a boyfriend so it’s getting a bit real and scary.

Anyway this little boy she’s playing with is so polite and friendly and they seem to get along so nice and it made me happy that she’s friends and getting on so well with a nice, polite boy rather than a naughty, rude boy.

My hope for hayley is one that I think most parents have, I hope she chooses the ‘right’ boy when she’s older, by this I mean a polite, friendly boy who will be kind and loyal to her after all isn’t that everyone’s wish for their child isn’t it? But it doesn’t always work out like that does it? I mean a naughty boy somehow seems more attractive than a nice boy doesn’t he?

When did your child/ren start talking about a boyfriend?


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