Hayley-Jaynes bedtime routine.

We’ve always been quite lucky with Hayley and her bedtime routine, she’s slept through since she was just four weeks old.

I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not always perfect and we have had times where her bedtime routine has been unsettled, I mean nothings perfect all the time right?!

We usually have our tea around the 6 o clock mark as it’s when I get home from work and I’m so lucky because my partner always cooks tea otherwise we would be eating our tea at around 7!!

Hayley then has a bath (not every day its usually once every two days) at around 7 and gets into her pyjamas.

Once she’s had her hair brushed I then give her the option to have a few biscuits and a glass of milk or sometimes she reads me a book.

Once she’s finished I’ll get her to brush her teeth around 7:50 and I will tuck her into bed and sometimes lay with her for ten minutes, but of course sometimes she does decide she’s hungry, thirsty, got belly ache or a headache when it gets to this time! Any excuse not to go to bed eh?!

Now most of the time she goes to sleep like a good girl but there are a few times she begs us to sleep in our bed and sometimes even sneaks into our bed once we head downstairs but I feel this is a good routine for hayley and it works for us.

What’s your routine like? Have you got any tips for convincing children to sleep in their own bed?


10 thoughts on “Hayley-Jaynes bedtime routine.

  1. I don’t really know what to say about kids who sleep with their parents. My son is a great sleeper, and has slept in his own crib since around 5 months after being in a bassinet/sleeper in our room. But, he definitely has had a few nights in there teething or something that would wake him up at night. We attempted to have him sleep in our bed, but usually end up putting him back in his own – the kid doesn’t lay still! I’d like to know when I need to give him an actual bed and make sure he doesn’t fall to the floor!! Haha.

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  2. Bedtime routines are so important to happy/healthy children. My boys keep a water cup in their room so there is no asking for a drink at night. They brush their teeth, use the bathroom and then read anywhere from 10-20 minutes. We then come in and say good night and turn off the lights. We decided when they were very young to not let them sleep in our bed. They need a good night sleep and I feel that no one would get that if they tried to sleep with us. We always walked them back to their room as soon as they walked into our room and then put them back to bed. You have to do what works for your family

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    1. Hayley sometimes has a bottle of water in her bedroom at night but I could do with a water cup kept in her room as sometimes I do forget, sometimes we don’t hear her sneak into our bed but we do put her straight back in her room when we realise, it’s just hard isn’t it? She believes that because her dad and I sleep in the same bed and have someone to cuddle she should aswell, bless her ☺

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  3. My 5-year-old sleep with us since we got her from her granny’s. She stayed there till she’s 1 and a half (this is during I and her dad had problems with our respective jobs and got no nanny to trust), and then when we were able, we took her home with us.

    I dunno, is it maybe because we missed a lot in her 1st few years? I can’t explain. I and her dad wants her in our bed for an after work cuddle. That’s the only way we can bond with her, out of guilt, I guess.

    And now that I’m already staying at home for good, I spend most of my time with her. So maybe we can now train her to sleep alone soon. I hope so, I’m not very certain, but whatever happens, she’s my baby forever! If she wishes to sleep in our bed, I will allow. Coz when she’s bigger, there might be less time for bonding for us 3. 🙂

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    1. It’s nice when they want to cuddle and sleep in your bed isn’t it? There’s just not much room in ours so when she sneaks in her dad ends up on the sofa 😂 but yes you’re right there will be less bonding time when they get bigger so we must enjoy it now 😁

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  4. We love cuddle!!! 🙂 Kids are so adorable! This is the time you want to hug and kiss a lot coz yeah, they’ll grow big and hang out with friends more than they do with you. If only they could stay little forever…

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