Growing up without parents.

Growing up without parents sucks!!

Here is what you don’t get

You don’t have a mum to show you how to apply makeup,

You don’t have a dad to look out for you and make sure boys are treating you right,

You don’t have a mum to take you shopping for that prom dress,

You will never have your dad walk you down the Isle on your wedding day,

You don’t have a mum to have girly chats with.

You don’t have your mum to talk to when you’ve fallen out with your best friend or even a boy.

Here is what you do get.

You get the sympathetic looks all the time,

The “you’re doing so well considering” chats,

The “how are you coping?” questions.

You get to live the rest of your life wondering what it would be like to have parents, or even just one parent.

You get to feel jealous when you watch your friends with their parents.

You get to feel angry at the world all the time!

You live your life being annoyed at everyone who argues with their parents or doesn’t see how lucky they have it.

Being parentless is heart breaking every day, every minute, every second I think about them and it hurts all the time!

Always look after your parents and be grateful for them because you never know what’s around the corner.

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