No dad on father’s day..

First I want to start off by saying happy fathers day to all you great dad’s, grandads and great grandads out there and I hope you all have a lovely day.

As some of you know I lost my dad when I was just two years old and every day is hard enough with all the missing him and wondering what it would of been like to grow up with him, but when fathers day comes along it makes it that bit harder especially when I see other people celebrating their dad’s.

Luckily though I have the most amazing grandad who has brought me up and does his absolute best for me, I like to celebrate him on father’s day as I wouldn’t be where I am today or the person I am today if it wasn’t for him.

I know we all think the world of our own parents/grandparents but what this man has done for our family, for us grandchildren and for his daughter is the most selfless, amazing thing anyone could do. So some of you may have read one of my blogs about my life and you will know that when my dad died my mum turned unwell and because of this my mum decided us four kids were too much for her to handle, my grandparents then took it open themselves to take my sister and I in and brought us up in a happy home with two loving guardians and I have the most amazing memories from my childhood.

How do you celebrate fathers day?

Our family will be meeting up at my grandads and spending the day having a buffet and watching all the cousins play together, nicely hopefully and we will remenis on our life together and all the memories we have.

There is no gift on earth that can show my grandad how amazing he is and he has everything he could possibly need so I struggle so much to buy for him, but do you know what the best gift is I give him? My love and a little note I leave in his card every year that brings tears to his eyes but make him realise just how much he means to me and just how much he’s actually done for me.

Words and actions mean more than a gift.

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