Discipline and what works for us.

Isnt there so many different ways to discipline your child when they’re naughty? But which one do you pick?

Sometimes it’s a case of trying a few different ones and finding which one works best for you which is what we did.

Here is a list of the different types of discipline I have tried over the years and how well they worked for me:

Naughty step: I tried this one for a good few months, we used the bottom step on our stairs as the naughty step so everytime she was naughty we’d explain why we were putting her on the naughty step and everytime she ran off it we placed her back on without saying anything other than why she had to stay there, well she found this hilarious and thought it was a game no matter how many times we did it she just laughed and ran away ready to be caught again, so that was a fail for us, but you never know it could work for you.

Being sent to bed: This was a good one to begin with, although I did feel bad when she would lay in bed crying! So when she was naughty we’d explain what she did wrong and we would send her to her bed to sit and calm down and think about her behaviour, this worked for a while until she got a bit older, she even fell to sleep a few times!!

Taking away privileges: I found this to work the best for us and I still use it now but to make it work you need to be firm. When I say privileges what I mean it something they love, maybe a toy they play with every day, television if they have it in their bedroom, xbox, tablet anything along these lines. I explain what she’s done wrong and then I explain that her favourite toy will be confiscated until she earns it back by good behaviour, this one works really well, I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve ended up with a pile of toys on top of my wardrobe at times but we seem to be doing pretty well with this one.

In order for your chosen discipline to work you have to explain to the child what they have done and that this is the reason for being disciplined so they know what’s happening, you have to be firm, not give in and be consistent for this to work.

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