Everybody’s life is so filtered isn’t it?

I mean just from putting the good bits on social media sites and just putting on a fake smile for people in the street we can hide all of the bad stuff in our lives can’t we?

Nobody posts the sad, heartbreaking or bad choices we make on their social media sites do they? Nobody posts about suffering with depression or anxiety, nobody posts about the arguments they have or the bad days.

They post pictures of the good bits, the smiles, the holidays, the day trips and the good news and good days they have.

Anyone can hide the pain with a simple smile.

What we know about people’s lives is the parts they want us to know. After all we wouldn’t want to let everyone know when we got dumped, got in debt or lost our house would we? But we are more than happy to share the good parts with everyone.

Same goes for selfies aswell, you can do so much to a picture these days to change how you look, but that’s not the real you is it? You’re not filtered in real life so why change yourself just so you think you look ‘better’ on a picture that everyone can see? If someone doesn’t like you for the way you look then they’re not worth having in your life!!

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