Is there a right way to parent?

Is there a right way to parent?

The answer is No!

Like many things when it comes to parenting there isn’t a right or wrong way is there?

There are so many things that one parent does differently to another parent and that’s fine because there isn’t a right way, there’s just your way and what works for one family might not work for another

For example:

Discipline: every parent chooses different ways to discipline their child and what works for one child may not work for another child. Some parents use a reward chart, naughty step or just taking toys away and they have to earn them back.

Bedtime routine: every child’s routine can be different, some might like to be read to after being tucked up into bed, every child’s bed time is deferent too not all children need the same amount of sleep.

Screen time: some parents like to limit their child’s use of screen time which includes the television, tablets or mobile phones. Some screen time can be useful sometimes but every parent has a different opinion on this.

Chores: some children get rewarded for doing chores, some don’t get rewarded for doing chores and some children don’t do any chores.

Just because somebody does something you don’t doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong!

It’s so easy for us to judge ourselves when we do something different to people around us but everyone is different and as long as we stick to our own ways that’s all that matters isn’t it?!

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