How I helped my child come to terms with moving house.

So as some of you might know from a post I have done before we are having to move house due to our landlord selling up, we have been in this house we call home for five years now and it’s been a big part of Hayleys life as its the only home she can remember.

As you can imagine it’s been playing on her mind and she’s been getting quite upset about moving house, she keeps saying “but I don’t want to leave my bedroom” and “but this is our house why can’t we own it” and this is so upsetting to know she’s sad and thinking all these things in her little head, so here are a few things I have done that seemed to have helped her come to terms with moving so much that she said to me the other week “I’m exited to move house now”.

  • I let her choose some new accessories for her new bedroom.
  • I made it clear she won’t be moving school.
  • I told her it’s going to be like having an adventure
  • I told her I was looking forward to getting a new house
  • I let her choose a new theme for her new bedroom.

I found these steps really helped Hayley change the way she felt about moving house and hopefully if you’re in the same position you will find these helpful. 😁

4 thoughts on “How I helped my child come to terms with moving house.

      1. I also get the same questions as you and try to minimize the move… but jus thinking of packing all our stuff makes me want to cry. The only good thing is that we have started to clear the rooms and giving away lots of toys and stuff we don’t use anymore… good luck! 💋

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