Febrile convulsions and trips to A+E

It’s quite scary the amount of people who are unaware of febrile convulsions! I was unaware until my daughter had one herself but the amount of people I’ve spoken to about them and they had no idea they could happen.

Febrile convulsions happen to one in thirty children! They happen as a result of a fever. They usually occur in children aged 6 month to 6 years.

My daughter suffered with febrile convulsions when she was younger, her first one was when she was about 8 months old and it was the most scariest thing! She wasn’t very well and started being sick so I ran her bath, when she first got in the bath she was OK then I started washing her and as I was talking to her I realised she was staring in one place and wouldn’t look at me it was like she was in a daze so I shouted my brother over and he ran and asked my grandad to dial for an ambulance, she started shaking so I lifted her out of the bath and onto a towel, when the paramedics came they took us straight to A+E where she stayed over night and that’s when they explained that it was a febrile convulsion and it probably happened because she had a temperature from not being well and because I had put her in a cool bath her temperature would have dropped suddenly causing a febrile convulsion.

Statistics show that children who have febrile convulsions only usually have one but Hayley had quite a few of them and each one was as scary hut I just got used to dealing with them so I knew what to do.

It’s scary to think that people are unaware of febrile convulsions and what could set them off, it’s not something that you get to know about unless your child has one! It’s usually a sudden decrease or increase in temperature that can set them off and the amount of friends I have spoken to about them that say first thing they’d think to do when their child has a fever is put them in a cool bath or give them an ice lolly, well I learnt the hard way that’s the wrong thing to do.


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