A treat for my grandad

It’s not often I get to treat my family, especially when my grandad is with us because he’s one of those people who has to pay for everyone.

We used to make it a thing that we’d all go out for a family meal whenever it was someone’s birthday and my grandad would always pay for everyone no matter how much we’d argue about it he always said he wanted to pay for us while he can so we let him as he’d get quite upset if we argued about it.

We haven’t been for a family meal in a long time but yesturday my sister, partner, kids and I went over to our grandads for a visit and explained we were going for tea and he wanted to come with us, he doesn’t get out much anymore as he’s not very good on his feet and probably just because he hasn’t got anywhere he needs to be anymore.

We went to Toby carvery and he seemed to really enjoy his food and being with his family and watching the children. When we had all finished eating and finished our drinks I knew what was coming next, I knew he would go and pay for us, so my sister and I sneaked off to pay the bill and when we came back to the table he was annoyed at us but you could tell he was happy at the thought that we wanted to treat him for once.

It was great to take him out and treat him for once. ♥


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