Piggy in the middle with my step children and my child

So we’ve been having what I would probably call ‘jelousy issues’ for a while now between my step son and my daughter, well mostly my step son to be honest.

Whenever my daughter and my step daughter argue about anything no matter how little it is my step son jumps in the middle not even knowing what they’re arguing about and he will stick up for my step daughter and get quite nasty to my daughter, she gets really upset about this all the time and so do there dad and I.

I put it down to the fact that he’s jealous because of Hayley being with her dad all the time i.e living with him, spending all her days off school with him and I believe he’s a boy who probably just wants more of that time to himself.

Have you been in this situation before? If so I’d love to hear how you dealt with it.

We’ve tried to give them quality time together just the two of them and talking to hi but nothing seems to work and I feel so bad for my daughter as sometimes on a Friday morning (the kids come every Friday for the weekend) she will get upset and say she won’t have anyone to stick up for her and that makes me feel sad that she feels that way.

I guess we will just have to keep trying and hope something works for us..


4 thoughts on “Piggy in the middle with my step children and my child

  1. It’s a hard thing to deal with. My son is the jealous one when he comes to his dad. I’ve tried to tell his dad that he could use some of the weekend to do something just the two of them but the dad says it’s impossible. I do think scheduled “time alone” could help a little bit. But also it will be a maturing thing. He will get over it. I feel sorry for your daughter though.

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    1. Yer hopefully he will get over it I suppose it’s something you can’t really do anything to help until they grow up, but I do feel really bad for her sometimes especially when she gets upset about it.

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  2. We have a stepdaughter who visits quite regularly, though I find we’ve got the same problem in reverse. My son gets quite jealous over her, k sees his dad loads, but still wants his Stepdad to be “his dad” and even though they live together, and Phil doesn’t live his daughter he can get jealous over her. It’s not much help, but I like reading your blogs, they are very similar to mine. Maybe check out my blog xx

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