Failing at trying.

Not many people know this about this but we are trying for a baby and have done for nearly a year now.

If you have ever tried to conceive but failed month after month then you will know that feeling when you’re getting close to you’re period and you have hope and in my case I start to feel sick and think I’m putting weight on and just feel like I’m pregnant, I guess it’s one of those things that’s like a placebo effect isn’t it? I want to be pregnant so bad that I feel I am pregnant, but it’s a lie I’m not and every month I go through this and it hurts!

Every month that I come on my period and realise I’ve not succeeded is guttering, its heart breaking! It’s been nearly a year now since we started trying and it might not seem like long to you but it does to me and I wanted a baby long before this year but I just kept putting it off saying we couldn’t afford it but then something my friend said changed how I looked at it, she said “you can’t afford a child until you have one and then you make yourself afford one” and it hit me, she’s right! And from then I thought why not, let’s go for it and my partner felt the same way so off we started our little journey!

My daughter is 8 now and yes it will be a big age gap but the way I think of it is she’s had all the attention on her growing up and she’s so good with baby’s and little children that she would be great with a little sibling and I don’t think she’d mind sharing us with that sibling as she’s had so much of our attention and love over these past 8 years that I believe she will be at a stage where she understands its time to share that.

Finger crossed we get lucky soon!


2 thoughts on “Failing at trying.

  1. Keeping all body parts crossed for you guys !!
    It is heart breaking I know … we had our little one with Ivf.
    And 8 years !! That’s perfect !! It’s 12 years between my third and fourth. 19 years between oldest and youngest. It’s perfect. All the help you get !!!


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