Unicorns and a park.

We are having to move houses due to our landlord giving us our notice and Hayley has been struggling to deal with this as she loves her house and bedroom and doesn’t know any different, so today I decided to let her choose some accessories for her new bedroom to cheer her up and she was so exited for this.

First we went over the road to our local home bargains and she chose a Unicorn door stop, a fold down my little pony canvas storage box and a Unicorn light, then we went over to bnm and she chose a pink unicorn mirror and a pink clock that helps to tell the time and she persuaded me into buying her a Unicorn bottle aswell.


we got out of bnm she turned and said to me “I’m exited to move house now and get my new bedroom” well that meant everything to me, she was feeling happy about moving now so today was a success.

My sister and her two children picked us up from bnm and off we went to the park as it was a lovely day today, we decided to go to Sandall Park as they always have an ice cream van and bouncy castles there.

It’s always packed at this park so my sister and I like to walk around with the children so we are near them at all times, they had so much fun on the swings and the slide then we decided to go on the bouncy castles and they had a bouncy slide too, they must of spent a good 40 minutes on these before we moved on to the ice cream van, hayley had a lemonade lolly and I had a toffee lolly they were just what we needed after a busy warm day.

After they’d eaten their lollys the children had had enough so we went to my sisters for some tea then it was home time, bath and bed for Hayley-Jayne.


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