“mummy please don’t go to work today”

“mummy please don’t go to work today”

This is what I got this morning when I said goodbye to my princess, isn’t it so hard going to work on a day when your child is off school?

This was my little one this morning all snuggled up on the sofa.

Don’t you feel like you’re missing out?

It made me feel so guilty when she asked me not to go to work today, but I have explained to her all about money and that we wouldn’t have a roof over our heads, food on the table or all the nice things we have if I didn’t go to work because she didn’t want me to so she does understand this but it’s still hard for her that her mummy can’t stay home and play.

A few years ago I worked weekends and I only got one in every 5 weekends off and it was horrible! It got to a point where I was dropping Hayley off at school and she would cling to me begging to stay with me and the teacher would have to drag her off me and then on a weekend when I went to work she’d stand waving in the window with a sad face, then I thought to myself enough is enough!!

I finally started working Monday to Friday and it’s so much better! Hayley is happier and so am I.

We have so many great weekends together now and I make sure we do new things and visit new places and just make the most of it while she’s still young.

2 thoughts on ““mummy please don’t go to work today”

  1. You are doing great! In my experience this feeling is a cycle . When i was working successfully with kids at home I felt guilty on missing out and thought it was unfair on them. I took a break from work since last July since it got difficult to manage the younger one who was then 6 months. As much as i enjoy and cherish the time i get with them .. there is also the feeling that if i earn they can be better provided. You know , more vacations and time outs , more savings for their future. Where to find the balance? Humans ! 😁


    1. Yes that’s right I’ve tried to explain about the money side to her aswell so she has a better understanding that all these fun things cost money so I have to go to work, but it’s definitely hard finding the balance


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