My birth story

It was so long ago yet I remember it as if it was yesterday!

It was the 4th of November 2009 and I woke up at 5 in the morning having contractions, It was about time I was a week over due and I was so uncomfy all the time!

The contractions weren’t too bad to begin with until they started getting closer and closer, I’d not had anything to eat all day so when it got to about 6pm my partner made me sausage and mash with gravy as it was what I craved at that time, I struggled but managed to eat it as I knew I needed food inside me for energy but I didn’t keep it down for long.

Once the contractions got really close together they were hard to breath through so I found myself walking around the room in circles, I rang through to the hospital around 7:30pm and they advised me to have a bath so I did and it did help with the contractions a bit, it came to about 10:30pm and I was struggling to cope so I rang the hospital and they were trying to tell me I was a long way off yet and I should stay at home but I just knew it wouldn’t be long so I persuaded them to let me come in and get checked, we didn’t drive at this time so my Grandad came with my sister to take us to hospital, I remember that car journey very much it was horrible! I was so uncomfy and found it very hard to stay sat still whole trying to breath through my contractions.

Finally we got to the hospital and the lady who booked me in at reception advised my Grandad to stay as I won’t be long as they’re just checking me out and then I will be going home, well I don’t know how they thought they knew I wasn’t ready! Anyway I told Grandad to leave and I’d ring him if I did need him.

When we got into the labour ward I had a lovely midwife called Sam, she was ever so friendly and made me feel comfortable and looked after. When they checked how far I was it turns out I was 9 centimetres dilated (so much for not being ready and only here to get checked then going home! Turns out they’re not psychic like they thought they were) and that only one of my waters had gone (I didn’t even realise one had gone so it must of been when I had a bath) they had to use a hook to break my waters which didn’t hurt but it was definitely not pleasant!

I had been on iron tablets for the last few months of my pregnancy and hadn’t had my last blood test to update on my iron levels, therefore they were wanting to put something under my veins incase I was anaemic but I have a strong phobia against blood, needles or anything to do with injuries so I refused this.

It wasn’t long before I felt like I needed to push but the midwifes kept saying it wasn’t time and that I shouldn’t push, now anyone who’s gone through a labour before will know that if you need to push there isn’t anyway you can stop that feeling! So of course I started to push, as I was pushing one of the midwifes said they’d have to cut me a little bit which at that point I wasn’t bothered about I was too busy concentrating on breathing through the contractions and pushing, it was such a strange feeling pushing her little body out of me! Once she was out the midwife asked my partner if he wanted to cut the cord but he was too scared that he’d hurt her so he refused. Once I’d pushed the Placenta out and as they were stitching me up they passed me this amazing little creature and it was so surreal holding this little piece of me in my arms, it was the most amazing feeling ever!

I remember just staring at her with so much love in my heart!

She is the love of my life!


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