Daughters are a mother’s best friend.

Daughters really are a mother’s best friend aren’t they? I love spending time with my not so little princess! I took her shopping to get her some summer clothes a few weeks back and she’s at that age now where she has to be there to choose her own style and try them on, she loved walking round the shops and picking out her own style and size and she absolutely loved trying them on, it was like having her own little cat walk in the changing rooms! I loved spending that quality time with her, just her and me. We don’t do that enough, I mean we spend time together but not a lot of Mummy and daughter time.

Don’t you dream about when your daughter is older? About all the fun you can have together and all the cosy chats and shopping sprees? I do!

My little big princess and I can take on the world together! 💖


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