A happy Saturday.

As some of you may know I wrote in one of blog about my daughter having some problems at school with two girls, well this issue didn’t get solved as the teacher having advised us that she would talk to all the girls seemed to have forgotten to do so. So it was my mission to cheer our baby girl up this weekend by inviting one of her friends from school (who she used to be close with but had drifted away from) to spend the day with us.

I had asked Hayley on the Friday where she would like to go and she chose ‘Airkings’ which is a trampoline park because apparently this girl liked it and Hayley had only been once but loved it when she went, so Airkings it was!

Friday night Hayley was so exited about the fun she would have on Saturday, she kept saying “I wish it was tomorrow already” and it was great to see her like this compared to the sad, worried child she’s been all week.

Hayleys friend got dropped off around twelvish and Hayley was so happy when she arrived they ran off together to play in hayleys room. We got to Air Kings for about 1 ish and they had an hour to play, Hayley had been there before with her auntie but I’d not been before it’s a great place for the kids to play it has lots of trampolines, a soft mat to bounce of onto, a play area, tornado simulator, a cafe (that’s not over priced like most kid places), a rock climbing wall and a team member playing dodge ball with the children, it’s a great place to take the kids. Hayley and her friend had so much fun and we decided to have some lunch there and of course a slush puppie for the kids to cool off with.

After they’d finished at Airkings we went back home and the children went back upstairs to play in hayleys room, for tea Hayley had decided she wanted McDonald’s so off we went, luckily it’s not far from us and our McDonald’s even has a play area outside so after they’d eaten we let them play in this for a while.

Overall its been a great day and Hayley has had so much fun with her friend!

Nothing beats watching your child have fun!!


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