My morning rush!

As I woke up to the horrible sound of my alarm going off I lay in bed thinking do I really need this job? and of course the answer was YES!! So I forced myself to get out of bed half asleep and off downstairs I went for my morning cup of tea.

The first cup of tea in the morning is an essential part of my morning routine and it gets me going for the day, now if anyone tries to talk to me before this they won’t have any luck whatsoever! Which is why I like to get up early enough to make sure I have time to sit and have my breakfast then relax with my cup of tea before anybody else awakens.

Once I’ve had my cup of tea and brushed my teeth its time to awaken the monster that is my eight year old, who never wants to wake during the week but at the weekend she seems to awaken as soon as morning strikes! Now this can be a task depending what mood she’s in, today she woke up straight away (after a few nudges, saying her name and trying to force her out of bed) but when I returned from making her toast she was back fast asleep again, so of course I had the struggle of waking her again.

Once she’s had her breakfast and brushed her teeth it’s time to get dressed, this often consists of me telling her to get dressed over and over again as she gets easily distracted and often forgets what she’s meant to be doing (either that or she just likes to annoy me first thing) and she doesn’t think for herself, oh no! I have to remind her what she’s meant to be doing, for example I have to tell her to have her inhaler, have her hair brushed, to get her shoes on, to make sure she has everything in her bag (I have to go through each item she should have otherwise she would end up with an empty bag!) why is it she does the same things every morning yet forgets what to do every morning?!

Once she is finally ready I can then start to get myself ready and get my bag packed!

What’s your morning routine? Have you got any tips that you use for helping your child remember the steps of getting ready in a morning? If so I’d love to hear them!


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