My child and her comfort zone.

Have you ever been that person/child who doesn’t have confidence? who doesn’t know how to start a conversation, who doesn’t dare ask for anything or finds it hard to make friends?

I have!

When I noticed my daughter was walking in my footsteps I decided enough is enough!! I want her to be confident in herself, I want more for her!

So that was it for me I started pushing her a little bit at a time.

She was shy around grandparents and great grandparents so I encouraged her to read a book to her greatgrandad who’s hard of hearing so she had to be clear and loud and to tell family what she’d done at school.

She then did a course at school called ‘happy to be me’ which was a course to boost confidence in the shy children and that helped a lot too!

I remember one day we went to a theatre to watch the frozen film and see Anna and elsa and this is something that she would usually enjoy but from a distance she never would of gone up to the characters so when we were next in the que I expected her to grab my hand and pull me away, but to my surprise she went straight up to Anna and elsa and smiled for a photo! I was so shocked and what came next surprised me even more! We sat down in this stadium with maybe 40/50 people in it and they called out raffle numbers, to our luck they shouted our number and off Hayley went to the front of the stage in front of everyone to choose a Unicorn teddy for her prize and she was so proud of herself!

Hard work pays off in the end, she is so proud of herself everytime she does something thats out of comfort zone!


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