When you go from Mummy to Mum!

Don’t you feel partly demoted when you’re child gets to that age when they start calling you Mum instead of Mummy!

It’s like their not your small innocent little baby anymore they’re growing and don’t need you as much anymore!!

Heres a poem I made for my little one:

When you first called me Mummy,
It gave me butterflies in my tummy
You were so small,
But now your so tall
Now that you’re eight,
You always want to stay up late
Slow down my little one,
There’s lots more to be done
You used to call me mummy,
Now you want to call me mum.
You may be growing up,
But I won’t give up
So Hayley-Jayne
Stop being a pain
Stop growing too fast,
As time will soon past
Just call me mummy
As its just not funny.


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