Happy surprises!


When you come downstairs on valentines day and you get a lovely unexpected surprise on your dining table!

Lovely suprises are just the best aren’t they? They make you feel so loved and special!

There’s more to love than having feelings about somebody! If you truly love someone you can get through anything together, you can take on the world!!

Love is the most amazing thing you can feel and experience in life isn’t it? Caring for someone and being on an amazing journey with them is the best feeling.

Having someone care for you and put you first in life is great and these little surprises you find like on valentines day make all the difference.

Being in a strong relationship takes two strong grown up adults who understand that you have to stick together no matter what and sometimes you have to admit to being wrong and talk to each other about how you feel.

Isn’t it great when you get a butterfly feeling in your tummy when you’re around someone you love with all your heart ♥

You can’t rush these feelings and you certainly can’t fake them and when you know, you know!!


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