Teddy’s galore!!

How do kids end up with so many teddy’s??

Over the years the children have obtained so many stuffed teddy bears that they’re taking over the house!! I’m running out of room to store them!

I’ve always been one of those mums that will see a cute Teddy and just buy it even though the house is full of them! If they’re cute it’s coming home with me!!

When my little one was younger I had a thing for buying ‘me to you’ bears and now she must have about twenty altogether and no room at the Inn! 😂

There is only so many ways / places you can store them isn’t there?! We have hammocks in the corners, a box full of build a bears and bags full placed on top of our wardrobes and I keep thinking we need to sort these and take some to a charity shop but how hard is it to choose which ones to get rid of? We tried it once and my little one had a big pile of teddy’s to save and a pile of like two teddy’s to get rid off and that’s the furthest we’ve got so far!!

It’s just so hard to get rid of those cute little teddy’s!!


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