5 reasons my child ‘can’t’ eat her breakfast.

Is it just my little one that comes up with every excuse as to why they can’t eat their breakfast?

It’s sometimes a rush in our household to get ready and out the house in a morning and just when I think we have enough time my little decides she can’t eat her breakfast!

Here is her five most used excuses!!

Number one – It’s gone soggy/cold (depending on if its cereal or toast)

Number two – I feel sick

Number three – I’m not hungry

Number four – I don’t like it (even though she’s ate it a thousand times before she all of a sudden doesn’t like it)

Number five – I’m too tired

Don’t children just like to push your buttons sometimes! I wouldn’t change it for the world though, she’s a mischievous little madam but that’s her personality and I love her for it!

I try to make a big deal when she eats all of her cereal and praise her for it and if she doesn’t eat it she doesn’t get sweets for the day and this seems to work most of the time, like today she’s eaten all of her cereal because she wants sweets after her tea!


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