Sock bunnys are so much fun to make!!

Need something fun to do with the kids?

Ive got just the thing….ย 

Sock bunnys ๐Ÿ˜

The kids had so much fun making these sock bunnys and the posibilities are endless it’s definitely a must when you are stuck inside with restless kids!!

These are great for kids as they can mostly do it themselves and only need an adult when it comes to cutting the ears, which is great because kids like to do crafts themselves and don’t want adults to help with everything, we’ll mine don’t anyway haha.

All you need to make a sock bunny is:

  • An old sock
  • Ribbon
  • A bit of cotton
  • Eyes or a marker pen
  • Rice
  • Scissors

First start off by filling the sock with rice right upto the heel then divide it and shape it so you have a body and a head then tie some cotton in between the body and head to separate the two parts, next time some cotton at the top of the head to secure the rice inside.

Now to make the ears, you need to cut the top part in half down to the cotton at the top of the head, then put some pretty ribbon around the cotton separating the body and the head.

Now its time to decorate your bunny! You can either stick some eyes and a mouth on or draw them on with a marker depending on the colour of the bunny, you could even stick some whiskers on and a fluffy tail!!



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