Happy with a house full.

Don’t children just make you smile!

My favourite days off work are when we have a house full of children whether it be my step children, my little one or my neices and nephew, I love having them round and I love doing crafts with them and finding something new to try.

We had a sleepover the other week so we had my little one, my two step children and two of my neices so 5 children altogether and they love it and it makes me so happy when they are all here I just love watching them play together! We get comments sometime about having 5 of them round like people saying how can you cope with 5 kids! But to me and my partner 5 kids is nothing it just comes naturally to us and we have so much fun with them and yes they can be naughty sometimes but mostly they are good when they are together and the key to keeping them good is keep them fed, watered and doing something fun!!

Have you ever just sat watching your children play and listening to what they say? They come out with some crazy things don’t they? I once caught the girls with barbies who had their feet and hands tied up with a Ken doll in their hands! Haha

Family occasions like Christmas or family meals are always round at my house because its probably the biggest house out of us all and so it fits us all in ‘just about’ and I love having all the family round! It gives me so much joy just to stand back and watch everyone and make sure we all keep connected!

Family is everything and you should always treasure who you have around you!


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